Peer to Peer Mastermind

For Maine Food Entrepreneurs

Our Mastermind Program

Our goal is to foster a community of collaboration, learning, and growth that empowers each participant to achieve their business objectives.

Dear Food Entrepreneur,

UpStart Maine will host a Zoom session introducing the upcoming 2024 Food Entrepreneur Mastermind program.

When: On Jan 25, 10 a.m.,

Where: Zoom

A Mastermind is a facilitated, peer-to-peer group of 8 to 12 entrepreneurs who get together once a month to share ideas, discuss challenges, and offer advice based on their own experiences that help each other meet business objectives.

Learn More: If you would like to join the Zoom session, please reply to

A Peer-to-Peer Group of Value-Added Food Producers
Sharing Experiences, Connections, Ideas to Grow Your Business
Facilitated by Sylvie Boisvert,
Principal, Discover Maine Food

We are seeking 10-12 small business food/beverage producers to meet monthly during 2024 (Jan-June and Sept-Dec)

■ Facilitated by Sylvie Boisvert, Discover Maine Food

■ Each business sets an objective for the year or identifies an obstacle to overcome and looks to the group for ideas, connections, and tips to achieve the objective

■ Opportunities to showcase products at Maine Innovation Night in April and participate in our Virtual Mentor Nights

■ Mini-grants to help pay for a service that advances your objective

■ No fee to participate, thanks to a generous grant from Maine Technology Institute Sunrise Bagel

Contact Rebecca Jones,, or Sylvie Boisvert, by January 5, 2024. 

What past Mastermind participants are saying:

“Thank you for this opportunity to be part of this Mastermind group –I love the connections we’ve all made. Not only did I achieve the goal I set, but one person in our cohort is selling my products at her shop, and another helped me to secure a booth at a major event. I’m so grateful for all of these connections,
and of course Sylvie!”
– 2022-23 Mastermind Participant

“I did, indeed, make some valuable connections with our group. We were very
diverse in our business goals but Sylvie did a great job addressing everyone’s needs for their particular business.”
–Kathy Chamberlain, Stone Fox Creamery

“Thanks for putting together such a great group of women entrepreneurs. It is always nice to hear about everyone’s successes and discuss how we can help each other with challenges.”
-Heather Donahue, Balfour Farm