Discover Funding Opportunities with UpStart Navigator for Your Startup's Growth

Starting and growing a business is an exciting journey, but finding the right funding can be a challenge. That’s where the UpStart Navigator comes in. Designed to assist Maine entrepreneurs at any stage of development, the UpStart Navigator is your guide to a variety of funding options. Whether you’re facing barriers to traditional financing or you’re a high-growth startup ready to scale, our resources are tailored to meet your needs. 

Explore Funding Resources for your Maine Startup in one stop

Among the funding “stops” on the Navigator are:

How to use the UpStart Navigator:

Simply go to the UpStart Navigator, choose the line that best fits your startup business, then click on Funding. You’ll see a variety of options for that line, with both thumbnail and in-depth descriptions of their services and links to their websites.

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About UpStart Navigator

The UpStart Navigator was launched by UpStart Maine to help startup businesses of any type and any stage of development find the support resources they need to grow. Based in the Greater Bangor Region, where UpStart Maine is headquartered, the Navigator also serves statewide needs. 

Key Benefits for Maine Entrepreneurs

Navigating the world of business funding can be challenging, but with the UpStart Navigator, Maine entrepreneurs can easily find the resources they need. Whether you’re looking for seed grants, angel investing, or other financial support, the Navigator simplifies the process and connects you to valuable funding opportunities.
Explore the UpStart Navigator today and discover how it can support your startup’s growth journey.

Key Benefits for Maine Entrepreneurs

Peer-to-Peer Support with UpStart’s Mastermind Program for Food Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can often feel like a solitary journey, but it doesn’t have to be. Imagine having a dedicated group of fellow entrepreneurs who understand the challenges you face, ready to share their insights and offer support. UpStart’s Mastermind Program is a facilitated, peer-to-peer group of entrepreneurs who meet once a month to collaborate, share ideas, discuss challenges, and offer advice based on their own experiences.

How the UpStart’s Mastermind Program Works

The Mastermind Program is designed to create a supportive and collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can thrive. Each month, participants gather to discuss their business objectives, tackle problems together, and brainstorm innovative solutions. The goal is to leverage the collective wisdom of the group to help each member overcome obstacles and achieve their business goals.

Benefits of Joining the Mastermind Program

  • Peer Support: Gain valuable feedback and advice from fellow entrepreneurs who are walking a similar path.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build meaningful connections with like-minded business owners.
  • Shared Knowledge: Access a wealth of knowledge and experience from diverse industries.
  • Accountability: Stay on track with your business goals through regular check-ins and support.

Focus on Food Entrepreneurs

In 2024, UpStart is excited to feature a special Food Entrepreneur Mastermind. This group will bring together food business owners who are passionate about taking their ventures to the next level. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a food truck, or a packaged food company, this mastermind group can provide the support and insights you need.

Participating Companies

We are thrilled to announce the following companies participating in the 2024 Food Entrepreneur Mastermind:

  • Wild Cow Creamery
  • Village Kitchen
  • Pleasant Pond Orchard
  • Sassy Sammie’s Kitchen
  • Pen & Cob Farm
  • Joan Roberts, Simply Macarons by Jaelin
  • Jen-gerbread: Just People for people

How to Get Involved

Visit the UpStart Navigator to learn more about the Mastermind Program and how you can participate. Click on the Mastermind Program stop to find detailed information and application guidelines. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and grow your business with the support of a dedicated peer group.

Meet the UpStart Navigator creators: Slicpix 

UpStart mission is to be the Bangor Region’s innovation hub that connects entrepreneurs statewide to resources to grow their businesses.

For more information on UpStart, contact 

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