Box of Maine Builds Loyalty Through Social Media

Box of Maine Builds Loyalty Through Social Media

Over the past few years, social media has allowed many small businesses to create content, expand their communities and build trust through transparency. In early 2019, Box of Maine realized Facebook & Instagram allowed us to reach out to customers to engage with them on a personal level and develop brand loyalty.

One of the best platforms to use is Facebook, with the capability of live streaming, it gives the customer a front-row seat into the day-to-day operations, immersive personal streams, and live giveaways which allows the fans to support you financially by sending stars/bits/coins. I suggest using Facebook messenger for customer communication,

It allows fans to ask questions, reach out with ideas and just let you know how much you mean to them. Another great platform is – Instagram, you can share photos, weekly specials, and pictures of newly added products. I suggest staying active on a daily basis, if you’re extremely busy, give the responsibility to one of your employees.

Be honest, be positive and form bonds with customers who call you to chat, spend a few extra minutes of the day to respond back to messages, and show people how down to earth you are and what you’re working hard for. Box of Maine has spent years figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Don’t get frustrated if it takes a while for the community to form, just keep working hard and enjoy the process.

Being transparent with your customer.

In today’s world, many customers who visit your social media want to support a company with strong morals and values. Being transparent can change your company and allow customers to become a part of the community.

Here are 5 ways to help build transparency in your business.

1. Establish core values. (Consider how you want people to treat others and make that an essential part of your business. You most likely want everyone to act with integrity and honor. Be consistent with those values for everything you do)

2. Be an open book. (Allow your customers to see the inner workings of the company, there should be no secrets and alternative motives with your companies business)

3. Respond in a timely manner to customers who have questions or issues with the product. (Most customers want to feel like their voice matters when they comment on social media, respond to them with an honest, real response, not a form response and do it in a timely manner, I suggest 12 hours with a 24-hour max response time. Provide clear and honest answers to people’s questions and complaints and always be personable & respectful)

4. Make your social media pages a community. (Your social media page should be your main focus for growing your business. Social Media allows you to develop genuine connections with your fans, gives them the ability to show their support by building a community, and in return, you’ll start seeing the same people coming back commenting and providing support. Pay attention to them, show appreciation, let them know how much they are valued. Creating a community is so critical because word of mouth can play such an important role when growing your business on social media platforms)

5. Allow customers to include suggestions for areas of improvement. (When speaking with customers about new products and certain areas of the company, take into consideration of their opinion, customers want to feel important and know their words are heard and can make a small impact, realize the community knows best sometimes)

We’ll say it again just because it bears repeating – be active and engaged with your audience on social media. Don’t just post about your business, but include current trends and events in your area (Fairs, festivals, community events) Respond to tweets and comments, be transparent, and have some fun with your accounts. Box of Maine appreciates your continued support!

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